Tribal Council Special Session
August 6, 2018
2:00 PM
Council Chambers

A. Roll Call
1. Approval of Agenda
A. Appointment of Tribal Manager and Approval of Contract Terms-Chairman McClellan
1. Approval by Motion of appointment of Tribal Manager and approval of contract terms.
B. Approve HR to Post for a Full-Time General Counsel-Chairman McClellan
1. Approval by Motion for HR to post for a full-time General Counsel.
C. Approve Education Department to Purchase Backpacks/Supplies for First Generation Descendants: from Non-RAO-Education Manager Dawn Shenoskey
1. Approval by Motion for the Education Department to purchase backpacks/supplies for First Generation descendants; from Non-RAO.
D. Approve Back-to- School Gift Card Policy-CFO Rebecca Woods
1. Approval by Motion of the back-to-school gift card policy.
E. Rescind Resolution #11-29.2338-Interim TMO Sonya Zotigh
1. Motion to rescind Resolution #11-29.2338.
A. Legal Matter re: Contract-Legal Department/George McClellan/Matt Kelley
B. Legal Matter-Legal Department/Chairman McClellan
C. Legal Matter re: Membership-Legal Department/Chairman McClellan
IV. Return to Open Session
V. Reaffirm any Motions made during Closed Session
VI. Adjournment

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