Tribal Council Regular Session
August 15, 2018
9:30 AM
Council Chambers

A. Roll Call
B. Additions/Deletions to the Agenda
1. Approval of Agenda
C. Approval of Minutes
1. Tribal Council Special Session- June 27, 2018
2. Tribal Council Special Session- June 27 2018, Closed Session
3. Tribal Council Special Session- July 11, 2018
4. Tribal Council Regular Session- July 18, 2018
5. Tribal Council Regular Session- July 18, 2018, Closed Session
D. Elders Open Forum
E. Review of Written Management Reports
1. Tribal Manager Report-Sonya Zotigh
2. Chief Financial Officer Report – Rebecca Woods
3. EDC/GTRS Report
4. Natural Resources & Environmental Committee – Councilor Brian Napont
A. Amendments to Marina Code, 14 GTBC §10-Legal Department/M. Bostic-NRD/E. Depetro
1. To amend the Marina Operations Code by Motion.
B. Gaming Vendor Licensing Fees-Sean E. Cahill, Assistant General Counsel
1. Motion to amend section 3.08 of the Gaming Regulations to authorize the Gaming Commission to set a fee schedule for gaming vendor licenses.
A. 30-day Posting for Proposed Amendments to the Criminal Code-Sean E. Cahill, Assistant General Counsel; Bill Gregory, Prosecutor
1. Motion to post for public comment: (1) an amendment increasing the statute of limitations in Title 9, Section 103(d); and (2) a Victim’s Rights Ordinance to protect the rights of victims and child witnesses.
B. 2017 Outstanding Expenses-Tanya Raphael/Pat Putney
1. To approve and pay outstanding expenses that occurred in 2017 from the 2018 budget- total amount requested $1,682.88.
C. Tribal Council Minutes Distribution-Doris Winslow, Executive Assistant to the Tribal Manager
1. Approval of Motion allowing the Tribal Council approved minutes to be distributed by email or hard copy to various Tribal Government, EDC, and Resort Offices.
D. Approval of Funds to Replace Electrical Wiring at Beaver’s Landing Dock-Eric DePetro & Erik Olsen
1. By Motion, approve funds from the 1985/2000 Consent Decree Trust Funds as an addition to the contract with KM Contractors to replace the electrical conduit and complete rewiring of the Tribe’s Beaver’s Landing dock (as per attached quote), not to exceed $2,200.00.
E. Wild Rice Restoration Program-Desmond Berry/Jonathon Aylward
1. Approval of Resolution 18-36.3020, to request funding in the amount of $80,000 from the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, NPS-GLRI Program funding.
F. GTB LLC Acquisition of BSSW Manufacturing-Tom Wilbur
1. Approval by Motion for the GTB LLC dba GTED to receive $5.4 million; $3,000,000 from Economic Development account and $2,400,000 from Long Term Investment account to acquire BSSW Manufacturing.
G. GTB 477 MOU-Networks Northwest (WIOA MI Works)-Aeawosgi Campos/477 Program Director
1. Approval by Motion of the MOU between GTB 477-Networks Northwest (WIOA MI Works)
IV. Open Forum
A. Legal Department Request-Legal Department/Bill Rastetter
B. General Counsel Report-John F. Petoskey, General Counsel
VI. Return to Open Session
VII. Reaffirm any Motions made during Closed Session
VIII. Adjournment

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