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Tribal Prosecutor

The duties of the Tribal Prosecutor are primarily spelled out in the Tribal Code at 3 GTBC § 104, which states:

The Tribal Prosecutor shall:

(1)  be the chief law enforcement officer of the Tribe and shall be responsible for all criminal investigations and prosecutions in Tribal Court, including arraignments, motions, trials and appeals.

(2)  have the discretion to prosecute violations of the Tribe’s constitution, criminal code, ordinances and resolutions in Tribal Court.

(3)  work closely with the Tribal Court Administrator and Tribal Judge to improve the delivery of services within the Tribal Court and to assist the Court in case management and docket preparation.

(4)  serve as presenting officer in the Tribe’s Children’s Court and represent the Tribe in Indian Child Welfare cases in state jurisdictions upon the authorization of the ICW Committee or the Tribal Court.

(5)  prosecute violations of the Tribe’s fishing and conservation regulations as well as the regulations of the Chippewa-Ottawa Treaty Fishing Management Authority, in the Tribe’s Conservation Court.

(6)  establish a working relationship with local, state and federal jurisdictions and establish a protocol for coordinating criminal investigations and prosecutions with such local, state and federal jurisdictions.

(7)  review all charges and complaints of violations of Tribal codes and ordinances and determine what charges to bring and whom to charge.

(8)  review all requests for arrest warrants and search warrants to determine if all constitutional requirements are satisfied prior to approval or authorization.

(9)  serve, in his/her civil capacity, as in-house counsel for the various departments of Tribal government and shall render legal opinions when requested to do so.

 Grand Traverse Band Tribal Code: https://ecode360.com/GR1800


Physical address: 2300 Stallman Rd., Peshawbestown, MI 49682

Mailing address: 2605 N. West Bay Shore Dr., Peshawbestown, MI 49682

Telephone: (231) 534-7630

E-mail: Prosecutor@gtb-nsn.gov