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Legal Department

Legal Department Main Line: 231-534-7601

Email: Gtbgovt.legaldept@gtb-nsn.gov


The Tribal Council is the client of the GTB Legal Department. The Legal Department will strive to provide professional, competent, comprehensive and timely services in all matters related to the client’s constitutional functions as the executive and legislative branches of the GTB government. The legal services provided include: drafting legislation and professional advice related to the programmatic functions and interactions of the GTB tribal government with its tribal citizens and the tribal government relationship and coordination with the federal government and state government.

For Questions regarding the 2% Program, please call 231-534-7601 or Email Page.Paul2@gtb-nsn.gov

Department Staff

John F. Petoskey - General Counsel

Page Paul - Legal Affairs Administrator 

Rob Kalbfleisch- Land Records Officer


2% Application

2% Guidelines 

2% Yearly Template Report

GTB Code

Michigan / Tribal Tax Agreement

Tax Agreement Maps

30-Day Notice:



Federal Court Ruling: Consent Decree 12.2.22 Order