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Dear Grand Traverse Band Elders,

The Grand Traverse Band Elders Program provides support and is ready to serve all GTB elders. Our goal is to provide assistance to Tribal Elders so they can live Independently and a Healthy lifestyle. Contact us for more information on Elders Programs:


Antrim/Grand Traverse           Steven Alberts                              231-534-7746          (cell) 231-463-1791

Benzie County                            Robbin Raphael                           231-534-7824           (cell)  231-492-4352

Charlevoix County                    Barbara Kenwabikise                  231-534-7066          (cell)  231-631-0281

Leelanau County                       Greg Bailey                                   231-534-7740          (cell) 231-492-4976

                                                       Melissa Martinez                         231-534-7743          (cell) 231-631-6095       

Department Manager & Assistant 

Department Manager            Delores "Dee" Wonegeshik         231-534-7748          (cell) 231-631-3908

Elders Assistant                       Steven Alberts                               231-534-7746          (cell) 231-463-1791



Elders Emergency

The Elders Emergency component provides funding to support elders financially. Elders' requests are available between Oct 1 - Sept 4th. Elders will need to submit by Sept 4th to ensure that you DO NOT lose any funds that are available for a specific year. Staff can assist you with your request over the phone, you do not have to come into the office.



Farmers Market Coupons:

The Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program's goal is to increase our elders' access to nutrition and local foods from local farmers. This program provides elders with $50 in coupons that can be exchanged for eligible foods (fruits, vegetables, etc. ) at local participating farmers' markets and roadside vendors. Eligibility is 55 years of age, household income of not more than 185% percent U.S. poverty guidelines, be a program participant or enrolled in a Federal Recognized tribe, and living within the service area.



Caregiver’s Program - A federal program without income qualifications designed to alleviate some financial burden to the appointed caregiver by way of a food &/or gas voucher. This program also can be utilized by Elders raising grandchildren.

Caregiver Intake Form - Elder or Older Adult (18 - 54) FY24-25

Grandparent/Relative Caregiver Assessment FY24



Home Delivery Meals:

The Elders staff have been delivering meals to elders each Monday for Four Days. Meal deliveries will more than likely continue through the end of the fiscal year of Sept 30th or longer depending on Covid- 19 epidemic. If you are in need or interested in receiving meals, please contact your Elders Coordinator.

Elders Support Services Form FY24



From one of our new tribal elders who had covid-19 in January 2021. 

It was a drastic experience and I think how the tribe made a difference is information about how important nutrition is to our body to heal and fight this virus.  Water is very sacred and very important to my healing and fighting the virus.  The response from my tribe was phenomenal and I had everything I needed.  Like food and supplies and everything pertaining to my household.  I was taken care of by my community and family and friends.  Cedar tea and medicine was dropped off on my front porch by friends and family.  A community care package was delivered with care by my tribe I will never forget!  Most important my elder workers were there if I needed anything.  Chi-Miigwetch to my tribe for being there for me.”