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Grand Traverse Band Conservation Department

3014 N. West Bayshore Rd,

Peshawbestown, MI, 49682, located in the basement facing the bay.



Great Lakes and Inland Enforcement

gwlogo.gifThe exercise of 1836 Treaty of Washington on waters and lands within the Ceded Territory. The Grand Traverse Band Conservation Department protects the inherent rights of Anishnaabek through the March 28, 1836 Treaty of Washington with the Ottawa’s. This Treaty encompasses both the Commercial and Subsistence fishing of the Treaty Ceded
Waters in the Consent Decree of August 8, 2000 and the Inland Fishing, Gathering, Hunting and Trapping in the Inland Consent Decree Entered November 7, 2007.

Tribal members engaged in any of the activity covered in the Consent Decree of August 8, 2000 and the Inland Consent Decree entered on November 7, 2007 are regulated by the rules and regulations adopted by the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians. Enforcement agreements have been entered with the other member Tribes of the Chippewa Ottawa Resource Authority (CORA) to extend authority over these designated Tribes. The Treaty Ceded Territory and Treaty Ceded Waters encompass forty-two counties of Upper and Lower Michigan.  The Chippewa Ottawa Resource Authority (CORA) is mandated by the Consent decree to participate in eight scheduled Joint Law Enforcement patrols throughout the Treaty Ceded Waters of the Great Lakes. We are also mandated to participate in a minimum of four Joint Law Enforcement Committee meetings throughout the year.

We are mandated by BIA Minimum Standards to qualify semiannually with department issued firearms. Obtain a minimum of forty hours of Conservation Enforcement related training annually. The department remains on a 24 hour “On Call” duty status for enforcement related activity throughout the Treaty Ceded Territory of Michigan and the Waters of the Great Lakes.



  • Hunting Fishing Trapping Gathering Permits
  • Deer Tags
  • Turkey Tags
  • Special Use Permits
  • Regulation Booklets• Spearing Permits
  • Inland Boat/Snowmobile/ORV Registration
  • Sleeping Bear National Lake Shore Passes
  • Manistee National Forest Passes
  • Deer Check Station
  • Tribal Repository
  • GPS Mapping & Technical Assistance

Commercial Great Lakes Fishing

  • CORA Vessel Registration
  • Fisheries Habitat Surveys
  • Issue Commercial Fishing Licenses
  • Captain
  • Helper
  • Subsistence
  • Issue Vessel Observer Permits
  • Operate and Maintain the Tribe’s Arthur Duhamel (Peshawbestown) and Beaver’s Landing (St. James)

Commercial Marinas

  • Dockage
  • Electricity
  • Ice
  • Provide “Seasonal Fisher Loans”



 1836 Treaty Ceded Territory Map




Inland Hunting/Trapping/Gathering Regulations

2022-2023 General Hunting Seasons and Bag Limits

Inland Fishing Regulations



2023 Great Lakes Fishing Decree

Order Adopting the 2023 Great Lakes Fishing Decree

Opinion Regarding the Approval of the 2023 Great Lakes Fishing Decree

Order Regarding Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians' Tribal Zone - December 2022

August 24th, 2023 Decree

GTB Great Lakes Fishing Regulations



Hunting/Fishing/Gathering/Trapping License Application

Water/Snowmobile/ORV Registration

Firewood Permit

GTB Marinas Use of Buildings Application


Camping Regulations:

Campground regulation revised-approved 2015

Marina Regulations:

GTB Marina Buildings Use Regulations