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GTB Fire and Rescue


social card showing family on a boat with life jackets and a fire extinguisher

Main Line (231) 534-7666

  • Fire and Rescue Services.
  • CPR , First Aid and AED Training (including FFI & II, MFR, EMT)
  • Tribal Facility Inspections (playground, storage tank, tornado shelters, etc.)
  • Drills (fire and tornado, evacuation, etc.)
  • Fire Prevention Programs (smoke detectors, fire starter program, etc.)
  • Emergency Preparedness Program.

What is Fire Prevention?      Home Inspection Request

 Rescue 741


The GTB Fire Rescue Department welcomes new members to join the department. Contact GTB Fire Chief Garrett Fairchild at (231) 534-7666 or (231) 534-7161 Or

Email: garrett.fairchild@gtb-nsn.gov for additional information.