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Sovereignty Rights - Upholding inherent rights provided by our ancestors by providing enrollment to those who meet qualifications defined in our Constitution and Code.

The Membership Office offers services to applicants seeking to become members of the Grand Traverse Band. These applications are evaluated and processed based on the criteria outlined in the Tribal Constitution, Article II and the Enrollment Ordinance, approved by Tribal Council, effective October 2, 2006.

We provide the necessary data to all Tribal programs needing statistical data for grant applications and mailings.

On a daily basis the staff makes updates to a database that manages data on member identification and vital statistics such as addresses and phone numbers. This database is also used to generate mailing lists and labels as well as reports for other Tribal programs including the Tribal Newsletter. The database also stores the photographs and signatures of Tribal members to provide Tribal ID’s and it stores genealogical information.

In 2007 we began offering new Tribal ID cards. The new cards are the result of meeting the needs of the Public Safety department and other benefit providers who use ‘mag stripe’ reading. They contain far more data than the previous ID did. You are welcome to come in and get yours, the first one is free.

Other services offered through our office include voter registration for Tribal elections and certifications for Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver Applications and Verification of Indian Preference for Employment in the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Indian Health Service. We also verify membership for Indian Child Welfare and Tribal members who need CDIB’s for other reasons.

Services offered through our office include
  • Tribal directory
  • A list of registered voters, and mailing labels
  • We process tuition waivers, Verification of Indian Preference for Employment in the Bureau of Indian Affirs and Indian Health Service and Tribal enrollment verifications for Indian Child Welfare
  • We have three Notaries in our office for assistance
  • We can provide Certificates of Enrollment and CDIBs (Certified Degree of Indian Blood) to Tribal members as needed
  • We will assist enrollment into GTB; and, provide help with genealogical inquiries for the purpose of enrollment.
  • We will also petition the courts for information for the purpose of enrollment
Forms / Applications
In regard to the election process, our office registers voters for GTB elections. For a small fee we can produce lists of registered voters in any order you would like them as well as mailing labels. If you are going to run for office you will pick up your candidate packet here.
Providing services to our members is our top priority. We sincerely look forward to assisting you in any way we can. Please feel free to contact our office during regular business hours or email us at the addresses listed below.

Membership Office

2605 N West Bay Shore Drive
Peshawbestown, MI 49682 - 9275

Phone (231) 534-7101 | Fax (231) 534-7715



Monique Clifford lenasmith072613.jpg Aaron TwoCrow

Monique Clifford | Department Manager

Phone: 231-534-7670


Lena Smith | Membership Assistant

Phone: 231-534-7105


Aaron TwoCrow | Research Specialist

Phone: 231-534-7940