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Tribal Court

Main Line: 231-534-7050

Fax: 231-534-7051

Main Email: tribalcourt@gtb-nsn.gov

Criminal/Juvenile Case Email: tribalcourt2@gtb-nsn.gov

ICW Email: tribalcourtICW@gtb-nsn.gov

Probation Email: probationofficer@gtb-nsn.gov

  The Grand Traverse Band Tribal Court consists of the Tribal Appellate Court, with three Appellate Judges and the Tribal Court, with one full-time Chief Judge and one part-time Associate Judge. The Tribal Judiciary’s authority to hear cases comes from Article V of the Grand Traverse Band Constitution, Tribal ordinances and other regulations. 


Tribal Court Administrative Order 2020-05, Order Temporarily Suspending Facility Testing for PBT Requirements Under Court Orders, 2020.7.20

Tribal Court Administrative Order 2019-1, Order Concerning Adoption of Subchapter 8.500 SDVCJ Jury, Rights and Pool, 2019.4.19

2016-2662-CV-CV, Preliminary Order Lifting Stay and Dismissing Plaintiff's Complaint, 2016.6.1 

Court Mailing Address:
2605 N. West Bay Shore Drive
Peshawbestown, MI 49682
Courthouse Physical Address:
2809 N. West Bay Shore Drive
Peshawbestown, MI 49682
Tribal Court Administrator Sherri L. Vezina (231)534-7041 (231)866-1238
sherri.vezina@gtb-nsn.gov Notary Public
Tribal Probation Officer Trisha Knauf (231)534-7546 (231)631-4329
trisha.knauf@gtb-nsn.gov Notary Public
Tribal Court Bailiff/Court Clerk Eric Placer (231)534-7079 (231)866-6014
eric.placer@gtb-nsn.gov Notary Public
Tribal Court Clerk/Program Director Carrie Leaureaux (231)534-7030
carrie.leaureaux@gtb-nsn.gov Notary Public
Tribal Court Clerk/Assistant Probation Officer
Vacant (231)534-7113 (231)TBD
Tribal Court Clerk
Lauren Parzych (231)534-7080
Data Entry Clerk/Clerical Support Assistant Vacant (231)534-7020
CTAS PA-3 Tribal Court Clerk/Peacemaker/Program Director
Sonya Zotigh (231)534-7117 (231)631-2234
SDVCJ Project Coordinator
Vacant (231)534-TBD (231)TBD