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 2024 Tribal Council Session Dates

*Please Note: the Tribal Council Regular Session scheduled for Wednesday, April 17, 2024 will be rescheduled to Wednesday, April 10, 2024. 

The Tribal Council Special Session scheduled for December 25, 2024 is canceled. Please adjust your calendars accordingly.


Goals & Objectives

Goals and Objectives 2023

(Approved March 29, 2023)

We, the Tribal Council of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa & Chippewa Indians, a Sovereign Nation, honor our ancestors and strive to empower the wellbeing of our present and future members. Our ultimate goal is to advance our Nation into an era of increased governmental vigilance that promotes and protects our culture, sovereignty, health, education, treaty rights, natural resources and financial stability.



Preserve, Revive and Practice our Anishnaabemowin & Traditions:

  • Language - Increase the frequency of Anishaabemowin being spoken in the communities and in the work place.
  • History - oral/video/written to museum and GTB library.
  • Promotion of quarterly cultural activity - celebration of culture, opportunity to learn, share and encouragement.


Provide quality health care services for eligible members in the six county service area:

  • Develop Health Coverage/Business plan (1 and 5 Year Plan).
  • Contract Health / Employee Insurance.
  • Accessibility - increase in outlying area.
  • Increase health promotion/disease prevention through wellness, education in all areas of health.
  • Professional customer service - Responsiveness
  • Timely Payment of bills.
  • Behavioral Health - Development/promote healthy lifestyle initiatives.
  • Realignment - looking at infrastructure - consultant Health Clinic evaluation/review.


Assertion and education of Tribal Sovereignty:

  • Uphold our guaranteed inherent rights provided by our ancestors.
  • Advocate for the fulfillment of federal trust responsibilities.
  • Reevaluate the tax agreement.
  • Continue advocacy for clean air, water - Green Initiative/renewable energy.
  • Advocate for native life ways: (fishing gathering, hunting, trapping)
  • Evasive species (Asian Carp), coal plants.


Committed to efficient governmental operations:

  • Evaluation of our banking institutions.
  • Review of Investment portfolio.
  • Business Plans: all divisions and future grants.
  • Continued oversight of Economic entities of the Tribe.
  • Financial transparency.
  • Governmental program efficiency analysis.
  • Reduction of duplication of services - collaboration of services.
  • Support EDC Enterprise efforts for Tribal Member entrepreneurship.


Assist and promote lifelong learning:

  • Academic Media type pamphlet capturing our Grand Traverse Band history.
  • Develop educational/cultural programs designed to strengthen
  • Anishnaabek knowledge for all Tribal Members.
  • Department specific realignment
  • Mentoring - Early years development - career development


Create affordable, quality housing for all Members of the Grand Traverse
Band in the six (6) county service area:

  • Promote home ownership/land in Grand Traverse County.
  • Elder’s housing/complex in each county.
  • Research Assisted living housing.
  • Adherence to existing Policy/Procedures.
  • Develop housing sites for all Grand Traverse Band Members needing homes in the six county service area.
  • Review and revise existing policy to meet the needs of our Tribal
  • Membership.
  • Development of infrastructure/homes in new Peshawbestown subdivision.


Emergency Phone Numbers