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Music Lessons - Presented by Heritage Library
July 1, 2024
11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Heritage Library and Online Via Zoom

30-Minute Guitar, Piano, and Voice lessons by appointment. Zoom Lessons Available. The Heritage Library has 3 electric keyboards/pianos, 3 children sized classical guitars, and 3 full sized classical guitars to borrow for lessons.

First Come First Serve.

The Heritage Library now has 3 electric keyboards/pianos, 3 children-sized classical guitars, and 3 full-sized classical guitars to borrow for lessons. 

Call (231) 534-7752 or email francis.carew@gtb-nsn.gov to reserve your spot & for more information.

All Heritage Library events are free and open to the Native American and Non-Native public. They promote Anishinabek culture, the musical arts, and health through Yang Style Tai Chi. Events hosted by the GTB Heritage Library, GTB Lifelong Learning, and the Institute of Museums and Library Services.


 Heritage Library - 2821 N West Bay Shore Dr. Suttons Bay MI 49682