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CWA Sections 106 & 319 (Clean Water Act Programs)

Water Quality Program Objectives

Groundwater and Surface Water Quality Protection

To assure that the groundwater and surface water is clean through a comprehensive water quality protection program that includes:

  • Surface water quality monitoring
  • Macroinvertebrate collection
  • Developing a trends analysis to detect problem areas or activities
  • Nonpoint source pollution activities and ordinance enforcement
  • Wellhead/source water protection plans and implementation
  • Wetland protection and restoration efforts
  • Education
  • Outreach and partnerships with local, watershed, statewide, Lake Michigan, and Great Lakes entities

NPS 319 Final Documents

Nonpoint Source Management Plan Nonpoint Source Assessment Report


US EPA Water Homepage http://water.epa.gov/


Soil Erosion and Stormwater Runoff Control Ordinance (GTB Code Book, Title 8, Chapter 3)


Belanger Creek - McKeese Road Project Brochure



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