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What is the GREEN Committee?
The GREEN Committee is dedicated to reducing the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians environmental impact. Membership on this committee is voluntary; however, it requires a commitment to attend meetings, participate in events, and upholds the objectives outlined below. Members can be any employee who wishes to participate as an active member or as an event member. The Committee consists of four Officer positions and six member positions, for a total of ten members not including Executive Committee Members whose numbers and involvement shall not be limited.

The objectives of the GREEN Committee are:

  • To act as environmental leaders and role models for staff, increase environmental awareness, and collectively make decisions that will positively impact the environment.
  • To incorporate cultural philosophies of the Anishinaabek into GREEN Committee activities.
  • To participate in community events, such as Natural Resources Fair and Feast, Health Fair, Pow Wow and Earth Day celebration, etc.


The GREEN Committee Policy and Commitment Pledge Document


                                                          2022/2023 GREEN Committee Members


Job Title / Position

Green Committee Role

Phone Number


Alfonseca, Victoria

Editor – Communications Coordinator

Community Events Coordinator

(231) 534-7366


Anderson, Sandy

Facilities Administration Assistant / Program Director

GREEN Committee Member

(231) 534-7700


Berz, Jackie

Community Volunteer

GREEN Committee Member



Feringa, Steve

Corporate Architect EDC Project Management Dept. Manager

EDC Community Representative

(231) 534-8410


Leaureaux, Carrie

Tribal Court Program Director/Court Clerk

GREEN Suggestion Program Coordinator




Oien, Becky

Tribal Manager

Executive Committee Representative

(231) 534-7136


Parzych, Vicki

Paralegal for the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney/Presenting Officer

GREEN Committee Member

(231) 534-7365


Paul, Page

Legal Affairs Administrator

GREEN Committee Member

 (231) 534-7601


Sonderegger, Carolan 

Natural Resources Department Manager

Committee Chairperson 

 (231) 534-7371


Swallows, Donna

Tribal Council Treasurer

Executive Committee Member



Winslow, Doris

Executive Assistant to Tribal Manager

Executive Committee Representative

 (231) 534-7965


Wonegeshik, Delores

Elders Dept. Manager


(231) 534-7748