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Resident Tribal Member


To become a Resident Tribal Member, a GTB Tribal Member must live within the Tax Agreement Area and register with the Revenue Office located in the Accounting offices of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians. Every month, the Tribe sends the information obtained from the Residency Forms (Resident Tribal Member application form) to the State of Michigan. Resident Tribal Member Status takes effect on the 1st day of proceeding month. For example, if the Revenue Office receives and approves the Residency Form on the 2nd of July, the Tribal Member becomes eligible to participate in the various tax exemptions under the our Tax Agreement and utilize a Tribal Certificate of Sales Tax Exemption on August 1st.

Change of Address Form

Change of Name Form

Residency Form


Purchasing a Vehicle

Be sure to obtain your Sales Tax Exemption Certificate BEFORE you  purchase your vehicle. A Resident Tribal Member needs to bring the following information from the seller, dealer or dealership to the Accounting Department of the Grand Traverse Band in order to receive a sales tax exemption certificate

•           Seller’s, Dealer’s or Dealership’s name and address,
•           Make,
•           Model,
•           Year,
•           Sale Price,
•           Vehicle identification number
•           Dealer Sales Agreement
•           Title (if private seller)


You must pay a fee for your sales tax exemption certificate: If the vehicle sale price is $10,000 or more, the certificate fee is $50.00. If you vehicle sale price is less than $10,000, the fee is $25.00.

Tribal Certificate of Exemption for Sales and Use Tax must be presented at the point of sale to receive a sales tax exemption. If a Tribal Certificate of Exemption is not presented at point of sale, the Resident Tribal Member will be responsible to pay the sales tax on the vehicle. We cannot issue a retroactive sales tax exemption certificate for a vehicle purchase that you have already made.

For Questions: Please call (231) 534-7130

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Resident Tribal Member